SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 (Updated)

MSFT released this CU a few days ago. The download is 1.3Gb like the previous ones.

After downloading this update right click on the CU and select “Run As Administrator”

The update takes a while to extract and then checks what needs to be updated. The update itself then takes aprox 4-5 hours to install.

Once installed it prompts to reboot the server. After the reboot you can open up the SharePoint Configuration Wizard and let it upgrade.

Mine took quite a while but when through the steps until Step 9 of 10. The upgrade sat there for about 20 min before proceeding on to Step 10 and then finishing.

One thing I noticed is that the previous “bug” if you want to call it that seems to be fixed:

***My SharePoint Server out of the blue started throwing event ID 6398. The error is :

  • Unexpected exception in FeedCacheService.IsRepopulationNeeded: Unable to create a DataCache. SPDistributedCache is probably down..***

Hope it helps

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    1. Thanks Gerald, I had the “old” SP1 installed and applied the “new” one. For me 4-5 hours is no problem, i would rather let it run its course.

  1. Hi edwardvbs,
    please be so kind to provide a link to the MS download page. I tried to find the download for this 1,3 GB SP 2013 April 2014 CU but had no luck so far.

    1. Hi
      The april cu is actually SP1 rebuilt for exchange that fixes alot of bugs. They havnt released the actual April CU yet due to alot of bugs they picked up.


  2. Hi edwardvbs,
    thank you for the info. I´ll start the download and check the net for info if someone already found new troubles with this CU. 😉

    Have a nice day.

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