While this is not your regular Exchange or PowerShell blog post, I thought I would share some thought on OneDrive for Mac not working on MacOS Big Sur.

In my own troubleshooting, here are a few things I have tried to get it to work and maybe it helps you out:

  • Install the Microsoft 365 Office Package for Mac.
  • Install OneDrive from the APP Store on MacOS Big Sur.
  • Unlink and link the account again.
  • Switch to the beta channel on Microsoft AutoUpdate (Working)

So the first one I mentioned is the Microsoft 365 Package. If you downloaded all the Microsoft apps from the APP Store on MacOS then remove them and install the Microsoft 365 Package.

The second option is a reverse of the first one. Uninstall the Microsoft 365 Package and install the APPS from the APP store on MacOS.

The 3rd option is straight forward, unlink the account and try sign-in again.

The last option is what worked, Installing the updates from the Beta Channel allowed OneDrive to sync fine for me. Maybe one of these options help you or maybe none do but give it a try.

Hope it helps.

By edward

2 thought on “MacOS Big Sur:- OneDrive not syncing or delinking itself.”
  1. that third option means you have to re sync all files again doesnt it? and for me thats days of syncing and the resultant slow mac and internet as the process hogs data etc

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