Recently SCOM starting reporting low disk space on my Lync Application Server.

A server that  had a couple of GB’s free space suddenly had less than 1GB and Lync Clients were failing to login.

I ran a cool utility call TreeSize and this identified the location and identification of these trace logs on the Lync server. I noticed that the file would grow to about 131MB and then generate a new file.

Location: C:ProgramDataWindows FabricFabriclogTraces

I quickly put together a batch file that would remove these logs/traces each day. Since doing so Lync is working fine and SCOM is happy. Here is the info in my .BAT file.

  • cd..
    cd C:ProgramDataWindows FabricFabriclogTraces
    ECHO Y | DEL *.*

Hope it helps.

By edward