After letting IPAM do its discovery for 3 days the only problem I picked up was that the status below was still showing as blocked even though the firewall rules were adjusted and the IPAM server was part of the correct security groups.

IPAM Blocked

The data is refreshed once a day but I was manually refreshing it without success.

Seems to be a bug in IPAM as I added the IPAM server to the Administrators group in AD and all of a sudden everything was unblocked.

Hope it helps

By edward

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  1. HI,

    in each GPO change permission for computer account to be “Edit setting, delete, modify secuirty”.
    each gpo has the computer that will monitored by IPAM Server, ex: open IPAM_DC gpo in delegation tab it will contain computer accout for the DC, right click on it and choose “Edit setting, delete, modify secuirty” then go to IPAM server and refresh server status, it’s work for me.

    Ayman Shazly

  2. Everything was working for me except for the DHCP Audit Share access was blocked. After adding the IPAM server to my domain’s built in Administrator group i was able to resolve the issue. Also, to verify you are having this issue you can look at the even logs of the IPAM server and verify you are seeing an Event ID 10063 under IPAM>Admin Log file. You will see it only occurs when the IPAM Audit Tasks runs. You can run this process manually via the task scheduler console. It also runs after a reboot of the IPAM server. Thanks for the help

    1. Hello,
      i’ve 10063 event and i’ve followed all the steps.
      Impossible to download remote audit event log on my IPAM Server …
      GPO OK , security group ok …

      Any ideas ?


      1. Hi
        did you give it time to replicate?
        Any errors in the logs at the moment?


        1. Thx for your reply
          Yes, i did it.
          i forced the replication :
          recovery data not started but events log acces status : unlocked

          On my IPAM log : Event 10063 audit log …

          NPS Server Log :
          Security log –> Audit Succes : with $IPAMSERVER

          The conf is OK nad i’ve added manually the computer IPAMSERVER on built it Administrator Group

  3. Unfortunately after up to date of my IPAM Server (W2K12 R2) impossible to pull data from DC/NPS.
    The IPAM audit task failed to collect Authentication events from NPS XXX.XXX due to the following error: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object

    I repeat : the Windows Firewall on both servers is off and my servers are unlocked (“green color”)

    Any ideas ?

      1. Same result :'(
        I verify this procedure :
        NPS :Add the IPAM server to the local event log Readers security group
        IPAM Server : Add the local Network Service to the local Event log Readers security group.

        I going to create a ms ticket

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