I was experimenting with running Exchange 2019 on Windows Server 2022 Core and after going through the standard part of getting the bits installed such as Visual C++ 2012/2013, UCMA runtime 4.0 and enabling the file share option on the firewall with PowerShell (Didn’t need to run the setup for .NET 4.8 if you wondering as the server is running it already), I mounted the ISO file and then started the setup.

Server 1 in my lab gave the first error:

Strange thing is, the prompt seemed to hang and then the error appear but re-running the setup again passed without any errors.

The second server gave the following errors:

Again, re-running the setup did not produce any other errors and the setup completed. The last error that came up on both servers is shown below yet all ports are open on my firewall:

Need to do some digging in the logs to see what triggered these errors or warnings and if they will cause any harm down the line when the server is operational. So far, mail flow, DAG etc. all running fine and log files are clear..

Hope it helps.

By edward