Provisioning accounts in Active Directory and Exchange is not a new task for Admins. However when you provision something and it does not want to work is where the troubleshooting starts. You may have come across an error like the following:

The error itself is a bit deceiving as it says your account has been disabled. If you check the account in Active Directory and Exchange it shows enabled. So what now? Here are what I think are the two common issues:

  • Active Directory Replication
  • MAPI/OWA is disabled on the mailbox

If you have a large environment and you just created this account, it may be a replication issue. You can run a DCDIAG from one of your servers and see if you have any issues. If everything is fine, you may have the second issue where MAPI/OWA is disabled. How do you check this? You can run the following command:

  • Get-CASMailbox User1

As you can see above, OWA and others are disabled, we can fix that with the following command:

  • Get-CASMailbox User1 | Set-CASMailbox -MAPIEnabled $True -OWAEnabled $True

Once the command has completed, you can check the CAS mailbox again and the settings should be enabled. If you refresh OWA now it should give your the time zone page and then show the mailbox.

Hope it helps.

By edward