As an Exchange Admin, you may come across an issue where the Transport Service on your Exchange Server starts and then stops or won’t start.

In some cases, I have seen this happen when you are running anti-virus solutions on your Exchange Server and the Transport Agents are causing issues. Another one could be a Transport Agent like Exclaimer or CodeTwo.


To resolve this or fins out which one is causing issues, you can remove the application, if you did and it won’t start, it’s most likely the Transport Agent didn’t remove cleanly.

Launch the Exchange Management shell (EMS) and run the following command:

  • Get-TransportAgent

This will list the transport agents. Once you have identified the culprit one or you are uninstalling as process of elimination, you can uninstall the Transport Agent with this command:

  • Uninstall-TransportAgent “App Name”

Once you have uninstalled all the ones required, start the Transport Service and see if it starts correctly.

Hope it helps.

By edward