Exchange 2016 – 2GB Temp Folder

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In you Exchange environment you may have noticed that you are sitting with a 2GB Temp Folder after a CU has been installed.

This is normal if you install a CU. You can go ahead and remove the ExchangeSetup folder in this location: %systemRoot%\Temp\ExchangeSetup but do take note that it will be re-created again when you apply the next CU.

Hope it helps.

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  1. We are facing a very strange issue. After installing the Security Patch for Exchange 2016 CU8 unsuccessfully, all Exchange services were disabled and stopped working. We had to enable and start them manually. Starting that moment, the %Systemroot%\Temp folder being filled up quickly with .TMP files. Their names starting with 0*.tmp –> 9*.tmp, a*.tmp –> f*.tmp. They are also growing in size, starting with 400KB each file now nearly 40MB each after 5 days. Only about 1/3 or 1/4 of the TMP files are that big, the others that still being generated now still only few KB in size.
    Both Exchange Server team and Windows Server team from Microsoft Partner Technical Support service took a look at our server and could not identify the cause, or whether we could delete those TMP files safely. We have to keep extending the C: partition in order to keep Back Pressure not kicks in.
    Any idea or educated guess is very welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Is there a text file for the AV at all listed in the temp directory? you should be able to clear it out without a problem.

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