As an Exchange Admin, you might be looking after 1 server or several hundred.

Sometime after a reboot you might notice that some of the services don’t start. It is a daunting task to go manually start them all 1 at a time.

A simple way is to run the following command from an elevated PowerShell Window:

  • Get-Service *Exchange* | Start-Service

Some services like the Transport and Unified Messaging Services take a bit longer to start but the window will echo the starting of all services.

Hope it helps.

By edward

2 thought on “Exchange 2010/2013/2016 – Starting the Services with a simple command”
  1. Good tip. That said, there are services that use the word “exchange” that aren’t related to MS Exchange – for instance, “Hyper-V Data Exchange Service”. Perhaps instead “Get-Service MSExchange* | Start-Service”

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