In your Exchange organization, you might be in the process of removing Exchange 2010. You have done the DAG removal and cleaned up the servers so that no mailboxes and arbitration mailboxes exist and then proceed to uninstall Exchange 2010 from the control panel only to be presented with the following error:

The error above is pretty easy to understand, there are still Offline Address Books linked to it and you need to move them.

Head over to the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and then Navigate to Offline address book as shown below and set a filter for that server and click on each one and on the right hand side actions pane, click move and select a new server.

As each one completes, the list will get smaller, in this case we only had 11 to deal with but if you had a few hundred then you would need to look at using PowerShell.

Once done and you refresh, you will have a blank filter and can now proceed with the uninstallation. Do take note that you need to wait a few minutes for everything to move and replicate:

Hope it helps.

By edward