In your Exchange environment, whether it is Exchange 2010 or 2013, you might come across an error that when you try run any form of command, where it is to re-balance your Exchange DAG or perform any other function in the EMS, you are presented with a lot of red errors as follows:

The WinRM Shell client cannot process the request. The shell handle passed to the WSMan Shell function is not valid.

First thing you might think is to reboot the server but unfortunately this won’t fix the problem.

The solution here is to check the bindings in Exchange. In Exchange 2013, launch IIS and expand the server name and then sites. Click on the Exchange backend site and then click bindings on the right.

Click Edit on https port 444 as shown above and ensure that your certificate is selected. I have found even though it is showing, re-selecting it and clicking ok and close fixes the issue.

In Exchange 2010, you don’t have the backend site for a mailbox server, in this instance, click on the default website and then click on bindings on the right hand side.

Click on https and then click Edit as shown above. As mentioned above, re-selecting the default certificate and clicking OK seems to “put it back” even though the certificate is already selected.

After this, if you open the EMS and run the command again it will succeed.

Hope it helps.

By edward