Environment: DPM 2012 R2 SP1 with Rollup 3

I had a protection group that didn’t want to update and I went and remove the group but retained the data. Immediately after that I was presented with the following error:

“Connection to the DPM service has been lost

Review the application event log for information about a possible service shut-down.
Verify that the following services are not disabled:
DPM Replication Agent
Virtual Disk Service
Volume Shadow Copy

ID: 917”

I attempted a restart which didn’t fix the problem. I ran a CHECKDB in SQL but it returned clean. Even after this I couldn’t open up the DPM Console.

Last attempt I ran the following: .DPMSync.exe -sync

This command fixed the console crashing but all replicas from all protection groups were in an inconsistent state now. Didn’t take long to run consistency checks to have all backups back to normal again.

Hope it helps.


By edward

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    1. Hi,
      I have not tested this on the latest OS and DPM, will do when i get a chance.


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