Create an email address policy in Exchange 2013/2016

This guide shows you how to create an email address policy and assign it to a container in Active Directory.

Open up the Exchange Admin Center:


  • Step 1 -> Enter in the user that has access to create databases. E.g. Domain\username
  • Step 2 -> Enter in the password
  • Step 3 -> Click Sign in


  • Step 1 -> Click on Mail Flow
  • Step 2 -> Click on email address policies
  • Step 3 -> Click the + button to add a new policy


  • Once you click the + button the following window will appear.
  • Enter in the Policy name.
  • Click the + button to specify the format.


  • Once you click the + button the window above will show.
  • I am using another accepted domain which you can choose from the drop down. (Step 1)
  • Step 2 -> Here you can choose the format, in this exercise we chose the first option.
  • Step 3 -> Click Save.


  • As shown above the new policy is shown.
  • Step 1 -> Specify a specific type of recipient, in this example we chose users with exchange mailboxes.
  • Step 2 -> Click on add a rule.


  • Step 1 -> Click the drop down arrow.
  • Step 2 -> Click on Recipient container.


  • Once the window shows, Step 1 -> Select the container you want this to apply to.
  • Step 2 -> Click OK.


  • As shown above, it now shows to which container the rule will apply.
  • Step 1 -> Click on Save.


  • Once the policy has applied you will get the warning that it is not active. Click Ok.


  • As you can see that Test Policy is now listed however not applied.
  • Step 1 -> Click on Apply.


  • The following Warning will come up when you click apply, Click Yes.


  • Once the policy has applied you will see the window above. Click on Close.


  • As shown above the policy is now applied.


  • After a few min you will now see the new email address assigned to the mailboxes as shown above.

Hope it helps.

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