Create a Send Connector Exchange 2010

This simple guide shows you how to create and configure a send connector.


  • Open up the EMC (Exchange Management Console) and Expand Organization Configuration. Click on Hub Transport then on the right click on the Send Connectors Tab.


  • Right click anywhere in the white space or on Hub Transport and click on “New Send Connector”.


  • The New Send Connector window will come up.


  • Step 1 -> Give the Send connector a friendly name.
  • Step 2 -> Make your selection.


  • The Address Space page will be presented.


  • Step 1 -> Click on the drop down arrow next to Add.
  • Step 2 -> Select SMTP Address Space…


  • Once you have made your selection in the previous screen the above window will show.
  • Step 1 -> Enter in * in the Address space.
  • Step 2 -> Click Ok.


  • Once you completed the previous the information will show now as above.
  • Step 1 -> Click Next.


  • Step 1 -> Click on “Route mail through the following smart hosts:
  • Step 2 -> Click the Add button.


  • Step 1 -> Select the radio button to enter in the FQDN. This information will be provided by your ISP.
  • Step 2 -> Once done, click the OK button.


  • Once you have entered in the information of the FQDN in the previous window it will show as above, in this example we I just entered in test info.
  • Step 1 -> Click Next.


  • If your ISP required authentication then select it above.
  • Step 1 -> Click Next.


  • Step 1 -> Click the Add button to select your HUB servers.


  • Step 1 -> Select your HUB Server.
  • Step 2 -> Click on the OK button.


  • Once you made your selection in the previous screen it will show above.
  • Step 1 -> Click the Next button.


  • The summary screen will show, you can verify the information and then click the New button.
  • Once completed, click the Finish button.

Hope it helps.

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